Personal data protection, compliance programs and COVID-19

Personal data protection, compliance programs and COVID-19

On May 21st, our partner Juan David Gutiérrez participated in the “Compliance in times of Coronavirus. A vision from Latin America” webinar organized by the University of El Salvador (Argentina). The full video of the session is available here.

The topic that Juan David addressed in his presentation was “Protection of personal data in the COVID-19 context”. The following were three main messages of his presentation:

  1. The basic ingredients for a successful compliance program remain in the current context.
  2. However, there are new risks due to an increase in the need to process health data due to COVID-19.
  3. Governments and companies have to adopt additional measures, particularly related to data safet to process health related data from subjects.

Below we share below the slideshow used by Juan David during the session:

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