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Juan David

Juan David Gutiérrez


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Dr. Juan David Gutiérrez is a Colombian lawyer who primarily advises with respect to antitrust, regulation, data protection and consumer protection matters.


Dr. Gutiérrez received his degree in law from Javeriana University (Bogotá), where he graduated with honors. He received his PhD in public policy from the University of Oxford. He holds a Master in Law and Economics (LL. M.) from Erasmus University of Rotterdam and also has a Master in Public Policy from the University of Oxford.


Dr. Gutiérrez is a frequent author and lecturer on antitrust, public policy and regulation-related topics. He has taught antitrust law at Javeriana University Law School. Since 2012 he has been a member of the American Bar Association.


Dr. Gutiérrez has over fifteen years of experience in antitrust, economic regulation and business law. Prior to founding Avante Abogados, he worked as an associate lawyer in two of Colombia’s biggest law firms and as an in-house lawyer in multinational companies. Juan also worked in the public sector, as an advisor to the Minister of Justice and Director of Formal Justice in the Ministry of Justice of Colombia. In addition, Dr. Gutiérrez carried out consultancies in public policies and public affairs for companies and governments in Latin America. 


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Email: juan.gutierrez@avanteabogados.com


Carlos Esguerra

Socio Fundador

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Mr. Carlos Esguerra is a Colombian lawyer who primarily advises with respect to antitrust, regulation, data protection and consumer protection matters.


Mr. Esguerra received his degree in law from The Andes University (Bogotá) and he holds Master in Competition Law (LL. M.) from King’s College University of London. Mr. Esguerra has graduate degrees in Competition and Free Trade Law from Javeriana University and in Administrative Law from Externado University of Colombia.


Mr. Esguerra has advised companies and government organizations in matters related to business law and economic regulation. His experience includes representation and advice in antitrust, unfair competition, regulatory (pharmaceutical, food and telecommunications sectors), supply chain contracting, consumer protection, and data protection matters.


Prior to founding Avante Abogados, Mr. Esguerra worked as an associate in some of the best firms in the country, as an advisor to the Communications Regulation Commission, and as a team leader in the Delegation for the Protection of Competition in the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. In addition, he worked in the United States Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C.


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Email: carlos.esguerra@avanteabogados.com


Luis Alejandro Ramírez A.

Associate Consultant

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Mr. Ramírez is a Colombian lawyer who primarily advises with respect to constitutional and administrative law matters.


Mr. Ramírez received his degree in law from The Andes University (Bogotá) and has a graduate degree in Public Management and Administrative Institutions from the same university. He also holds a Master Degree in Public Law from The Andes University. 


Mr. Ramírez is a former official of the Constitutional Court and former advisor to the Legal Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. He frequently lectures in the areas of constitutional actions, constitutional interpretation and peace building. 


Email: contacto@avanteaboagados.com 


Manuel Fernández Sierra

Associate Consultant

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Dr. Fernández received his B. A. in Economics from The Andes University (Bogotá) and holds a Master in Economics from the same university. Dr. Fernández also received a Master Degree and a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford. Previously, he has served as a consultant for the World Bank. In addition, h Dr. Fernández has been a senior researcher at the University of Essex and an assistant researcher at the University of the Andes.


Email: contacto@avanteaboagados.com


María Angélica de la Hoz

Associate Consultant

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María Angélica is an attorney from the Universidad de La Sabana and also holds a postgraduate degree in Competition Law and Free Trade from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She earned her LL.M in Law and Technology – Cum Laude degree at Tilburg University. María Angélica is a Certified Information Privacy Professional in Europe (CIPP/E) and is currently based in the Netherlands. She has proven expertise in Competition Law, Privacy and Data Protection and Consumer Protection. María Angélica has experience in both the private (local law firms) and the public sector (Superintendency of Industry and Commerce).


Email: maria.delahoz@avanteabogados.com


Alberto J. Reyes Chaparro

Consultor Asociado

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Industrial Engineer from Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS). He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with emphasis on Regulation and Economic Competition, and also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad de Los Andes. Due to his interests and professional experience in Regulation and Economics, he studied in the European Summer School of Regulation and Competition at Athens University of Economics & Business and took part of the International Training Program on Regulation and Strategy in the Public Utility Research Center (PURC) at Florida University. He has experience in the public (SSPD, SIC y CRC) and the private sector. He has worked on public services, information and communications technologies and broadcast media, and policy design and evaluation.


Email: contacto@avanteaboagados.com


Fery Daniel Cure Aarón

Associate Lawyer

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Mr. Cure received his degree in law from Javeriana University (Bogotá), where he graduated with honors. Prior to joining Avante Abogods, he worked as an in-house lawyer who specialized civil litigation matters. Mr. Cure was an academic research assistant for Dr. Juan David Gutiérrez on competition law issues. Mr. Cure did an internship at Herrera Diaz Abogados focusing on intellectual property matters.


Mr. Cure won second place in the German Cavelier essay contest in the first half of 2019 with the essay “For the safeguarding of fundamental rights in the digital era in Colombia: the case of profiling and automated decision making”. He also ranked third in the essay contest organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá in 2017 with the work “Recognition and application of commercial custom: a matter of economic and social development.”


Email: fery.cure@avanteabogados.com